Raised in Ukraine, Eduard Shyfrin was classically trained on piano before becoming an award-winning mathematician, physicist, and businessman. A crisis led him to begin a search for meaning and purpose, and to research and write the Amazon bestseller ‘From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah Within the Framework of Information Theory and Quantum Physics’.
But Eduard’s passion for music never left him, and his musicianship and profound life experience have now led to his debut album, Shyfrin Alliance. This intoxicating mix of rock, blues and romantic balladry brims with messages of unconditional love and antiwar – and the effortlessly rich voice of this singular talent.



Whiskey Blues – Official Lyric Video


In this album of intoxicating rock, blues and romantic balladry, written entirely by Eduard himself, you won’t find songs devoid of meaning. These tracks brim with the messages of unconditional love and antiwar – themes which resonate on a timeless level but no more so than today.